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MSHV 206

LZ2HV, Christo has kindly given me permission to distribute binaries of his excellent MSHV SW for Debian based Linux distributions.

v2.14 64-bit Debian based

v2.14 32-bit Debian based

v2.15 64-bit Debian based

v2.15 32-bit Debian based

Installation consists of unpacking the folder structure to a convenient location in your filesystem, e.g. /home/username/MSHV_xxx
To run the program you simply execute the binary program file located in the /home/
username/MSHV_xxx/bin subfolder.

I always copy the folder ".../bin/settings" from the old version to the new version, in order to keep my local data and configuration


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Last modified 20.03.2019, Peter Frenning