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Operating OZ2AR/P on 40m in Region1 HF FD 2013

My name is Peter Frenning

My QTH is JO65AN, Viby Sj. 50 Km (30 Mi) SW of Copenhagen, Denmark.

My new VHF/UHF Mast:


Top antenna at 15m AGL when fully extended, can be telescoped down to 11.5m and folded down for maintenance work.

2xOZ5HF (Now manufactured by Vårgårda in Sweden) 9-element yagis for 144MHz, stacked vertically

9-element 2 wavelength 70cm antenna placed between top 2m and 6m antennas.

4 ele. HomeBrew long yagi for 50MHz

HF antenna is a 34m LW (random) wire at 13m AGL where highest, end-fed using an SG-230 fully automatic tuner - used on all bands from 160-10m

I'm QRV on all bands from (160) 80 m to 2m, and look forward to a QSO with you. If you can't reach me via radio, you can always send me an email at:



BTW: I now use Linux Mint, Cinnamon  as my primary computing platform


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